Thursday, March 8, 2012

Waverly Glen Park / Two Rivers State Park

These adjoining parks just off of Route 86 (Formerly 17) in Waverly NY offer close to 20 miles of twisting, turning, single track, two reservoirs, and a decent panoramic view of "the valley." The state purchased its acreage a decade ago but have done minimal work toward developing the park since. I recommend using the Two Rivers State Park trail-head (Travel approximately miles up the hill past the town park on W. Pine St. Parking is on the right just after the asphalt gives way to dirt road (Banzoff Road). Look for the large green "Two Rivers State Park" sign.

The Town Park is at the bottom of the hill at the corner of W. Pine and Moore. Simply continue up the road to the left of the "Village of Waverly Glen Park" sign. You'll notice the Golf Course to your left, and the Reservoir to your right. 

These two parks are adjoining, with trails traveling seamlessly in and out of both parks.

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