Monday, December 2, 2013

CJ's Resolution Challenge

Date: Saturday, January 4, 2014. 9 a.m.
Registration Fee: $30 through December 15, 2013. $35 afterwards.
Complete Race Details: Here
Facebook: Here

What- CJ’s Resolution Challenge is a three hour event where you can chose your race. Pick between either RC Revolutions or opt to participate in The Last Man Standing!

The Last Man Standing takes place at the same time and on the same course as RC Revolutions. The course is 1.5-ish miles long and participants will have 21 minutes (14 minutes/mile) to complete a lap. However, the time limit will decrease by one minute per lap and participants can not start laps early. Lap two has a 20-minute time limit, lap three has a 19-minute time limit, and so on. Make it in before the cutoff and you continue to the next lap.

The quicker you finish each lap, the more time you have to rest before the start of the next one. However, the more time you spend resting, the tougher it may be to start back up again. Balance smart early pacing with toughness and speed and you might come out victorious. If not, with the unique makeup of this race, all non-winners will be able to see the winners cross the finish line!

The race should take approximately 3 hours. After 3:06, runners will have completed 19.5 miles and will have to be running at quicker than a 6 minute/mile pace.

If no runners complete the final lap before the cutoff, the winner will be the person who completed the previous lap the quickest. There will be prizes for top three male and top three female runners.
Will you be the last man standing?

It's Not Just A Race

It's a great event supporting a great cause!
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