Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Finger Lakes Fifties

Saturday, July 5, 2014
Registration opens January 1, 2014, 10:00am EST

Races consist of 25K (16.5 miles), and ultras of 50K (32.9 miles) and 50Mile races in the Finger Lakes National Forest, Hector, NY. All three races are part of the Finger Lakes Runners Club Trail Circuit, and the 50K and 50Mile races are scoring events for the USATF Niagara Ultra Series.

All three races will use the same loop course, starting and finishing at The Potomac Group Campsite located off Potomac Road within the Finger Lakes National Forest. The course is a 16.5-mile loop covering single-track trail (85%), grassy pastures (5%) complete with grazing cows and cow pies, and dirt and paved roads (10%). There is 1292 feet of climb per loop. The 25K runners complete a single loop, the 50K runners do two loops, and the 50 milers complete three loops plus a baby loop consisting of about half a mile. 50K and 50Mile races start at 6:30am and 25K race starts at 8am. Runners will encounter 6 aid stations on the course including the finish area – the Living Room (there are 5 stations, but runners will hit the South Beach aid station twice making it 6).

Race Director: Steve Shaum (
The Finger Lakes Fifties are part of the Finger Lakes Trail Circuit, and results are included in the annual Pebblehead/Stonehead/Boulderhead rankings.

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