Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Twin Tiers Craft Beer Club

The old adage that "American Beer Sucks" is a lie. While a few big German-American brands that survived prohibition indeed rule the market with their cookie cutter pale lagers, over the past few decades American brewing has experienced a renaissance which has more recently exploded to account for more than 10% of the beer market. Some of the best, most creative, and original beer made today is produced right here in America, with Southern NY / North East Pa quickly becoming a hotbed for craft brewing.

The Twin Tiers Craft Beer Club is here to support Micro Brewers, Home Brewers, Craft Beer Sellers, and Craft Beer lovers in the Twin Tiers. We are located in Northern Bradford County (Sayre / Athens / Waverly) and support brewing across our region. Brewers and Sellers feel free to promote your products to our members. Beer lovers - discuss your favorites. Home Brewers - improve your craft.

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