Thursday, February 11, 2016

Pisgah Points Trail Series

If you really need just a little more of a push to come out and enjoy the races run on the beautiful trails of the Pisgah State and Pisgah County park then here it is.

2016 will be the 1st year of the new Pisgah Point Series. As of right now the series will consist of The Chief Wetona Ch
allenge (May 15), Trojan Must-Dash 5k (June 5), Race To A View 5k (July 16), and 5 Miles for Michelle (Oct 23). 

There will be no additional charge besides the entry fees for each race. Prizes for overall , masters, and age groups.

For More Information Visit: Pisgah Runners

"Pisgah Points Series - we're trying something new! The Pisgah Points Series includes 4 races - the CWC (either distance), the Trojan's MustDash , The Race with a View, and 5 Miles for Michelle. All races are held within the County and State Parks.
1. Please enter each race with the same name and address you used for the CWC.
2. You must run three of the four races to qualify.
3. Points will be awarded much the same as the Central PA trophy series:
*you will earn points for 25 points for 1st place, 24 points for
2nd place, 23 points for 3rd place and so on...
* Additional bonus points will be awarded to the top 5 overall
finishers (per gender). 5 points will be awarded to the 1st
place male & female, 4 points will be awarded to the 2nd
place male & female, 3 points will be awarded to the 3rd
place male & female and so on...
* tie breaker will be if one person has ran all four events;
second tie breaker will be who ran the fastest time for the
same distance at the race both people were at (if one
person ran the CWC short and the other ran the long,
then whoever ran the faster time at MustDash would win)
Prizes for age groups and overalls will be awarded - not sure what they will be just yet but am working on it (reasonable ideas will be considered) -Amey Johnson 

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