Saturday, September 23, 2017


The first local races of 2018 are already on the calendar. Watch the video to find out how to add your 2018 event.

For a full up to date calendar that gets updated throughout the year: CLICK HERE

If you appreciate my efforts to promote the local running community over the past decade consider donating a few dollars to help cover my costs:


Coming Soon (2017)
Oct 7: Sheshequin Path Half Marathon, Sayre
Oct 7: Ann Marie Krauss 5k, Waverly NY
Oct 8: Green Monster Trail Challenge 15k/25k/50k, Wellsboro
Oct 22: Miles For Michelle, Mt Pisgah
Nov 23: Sayre Turkey Trot 5k, Sayre
Nov 23: Its Not A Race Prediction Run, Canton

Apr 21: NRCS Eagle Run 5k/10k, Towanda
April 21: Hyner Challenge 25k/50k, Hyner (sold out)
May 20: Chief Wetona Challenge, Mt Pisgah
May 26: Pound The Ground 5k/10, Sayre
June 2: Worlds End Ultra 50k/100k, Forksville


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