Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Big Pond, Blue Moon (2018)

"Preparations are underway! Friday, July 27th will be our 3rd BPBM prediction run! This year, we are changing things up a bit, so please take notes...
First, we are not going to charge a registration fee this year. Instead, I am experimenting by asking for donations for the Troy Track Project. Please donate what you feel would be appropriate for our race the night of the race (or give more, haha) in lieu of a normal registration fee.

Secondly, to save some money, we aren't hiring a timing system. We will have our clock counting down to midnight, and we will record your start & finish time by hand. Unfortunately, renting timing systems has gotten too expensive and because our race is a bit unique, it's not really necessary for us. We will still post results that night and online the next day so that you can see how close you were to your predicted pace. We will still award our prizes to the top 5 predictors who finish after midnight that night at the post race party. (that part is easy for us to figure out).

Thirdly, because we are not setting a set registration fee, I am asking that you reserve your spot for the run by visiting:
At the bottom of the page is an RSVP form. Fill it out and we will make sure we have enough supplies (and beer!) on hand for all of you! Which reminds me......THANK YOU BLUESTONE BREWERY for again sponsoring our race and providing the post-race beverages!
Thanks and feel free to ask any questions if that wasn't clear ~Matt"

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