Thursday, April 2, 2020

Places To Run: Forbidden Path (Waverly NY.)

Welcome back to VRC's new video series on places to run (or walk/hike ect..) This series will begin with a focus on the off-road locations nearest VRC's focus-area , and then gradually branch out across the region encompassing all surfaces and distances. The whole world might be on 'lock down' thanks to Covid-19, but the woods are still open, and can be safely traversed with a little bit of common sense. While recording the first 4 videos in this series I've encountered fewer than 3 other people, and always at a safe distance.

"The trailhead can be accessed at the junction of NY Rt. 17C and PA Rt. 220 in Waverly, NY. Look for the ‘Trails of Tioga’ sign on the SW corner. Park in a legal spot along Broad Street near Ted Clark’s Busy Market and carefully walk west across Rt. 220. Go down the embankment to the trailhead."

For More Info:

Watch The Entire Video Series: HERE (check back frequently for updates)

More Places To Run:
-Waverly Glen Park
-Forbidden Path
-Two Rivers State Park
-Wildwood Nature Reserve
-Diahoga Trail
-Satterlee Creek Environmental Center
-Round Top Park



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