Race Calendar

Aug 17: Riverfest 5k, Towanda
Sept 7: 2019 Camptown Races 10k, Camptown (?)
Sept 7-8: Pine Creek Challenge, Wellsboro
Sept 28: GTP Fall 5k Fun Run, Hornbrook Park
Oct 6: Sheshequin Path 1/2, Riverfront Park
Oct 13: Green Monster Trail Challenge, Wellsboro
Nov 28: 13th Annual Sayre Turkey Trot 5k, Sayre

May 17: Chief Wetona Challenge, Mt Pisgah

May 30: Worlds End Ultramarathon 50k/100k, Forksville 
(Registration to open December 7, 2019 at 6pm) (all dates tentative)

Earlier This Year
Mar 2: Pink Panther 5k, Northeast Bradford
Mar 23: Shamrock 5k, Towanda
Apr 12: Hoof it for Kids 5k Glow Run, Tioga Downs
Apr 13: NRCS Eagle Run 5k/10k, Towanda
Apr 27: Earth Day 4k Trail Run, Wildwood Reserve
Apr 27: Superhero 5k, Athens
Apr 27: Jean and Pete Memorial 5k, South Waverly
May 11: Guthrie Gallop 5k/10, Sayre
May 19: Chief Wetona Challenge, Mt Pisgah
May 25: Pound the Ground For Ultrasound 5k/10k, Sayre
June 1: Crush Cancer 5k, Wyoming County Fairgrounds
June 23: Race With A View IV, Mt Pisgah 
July 4: Leroy Old Home Day 5k, LeRoy
July 6: Sunfish Shuffle, Sunfish Pond
July 13: Storm the Bastille 5k, French Azilum
July 13: Tackle the Mountain 5k, Canton
July 27: Smallfoot Trail Fest, Mt Pisgah
Aug 3: Panther Prowl 5k, Spencer NY
Aug 3: Griffen 5k, Laporte
Aug 10: Founders Day 10k/5k, Dushore



Mar 17: Cloverleaf 4k, Waverly NY
Mar 24: Shamrock 5k, Towanda
Mar 30: Hoof It For Kids Glow Run 5k, Tioga Downs
Apr 21: Jean & Pete Memorial 5k, Athens
Apr 21: NRCS Eagle Run 5k/10k, Towanda
Apr 28: Superhero 5k, Athens
May 6: Encounter Arts 4 All 5k, Athens
May 12: 34th Annual Guthrie Gallop 5k/10k, Sayre
May 20: Chief Wetona Challenge, Mt Pisgah
May 26: Pound The Ground 5k/10, Sayre
May 28: Memorial Miracle Miles 5k, Sayre
June 2: Pink Panther 5k, Northeast Bradford
June 2: Worlds End Ultra 50k/100k, Forksville
June 24: Race With A View III 5k, Mt Pisgah
July 4: LeRoy Old Home Day 5k, LeRoy
July 7: Sunfish Shuffle, Sunfish Pond
July 14: Bastille Day 5k, French Azilum Historic Site
July 27: Big Pond, Blue Moon, Big Pond Pa
Aug 4: Griffin 5k,  Lake Mokoma, Laporte
Aug 11: Dushore Founders Day 5k/10k, Dushore
Aug 18: Riverfest 5k, Towanda
Aug 26: Miles 4 Michelle,  5k/10k,Mt Pisgah
Sept 1: Stomp Out Stigma 5k, Towanda
Sept 2:  LeRaysville Fireman's Trot 5k, LeRaysville
Sept 8: Camptown Races 10k, Camptown
Sept 8/9: Pine Creek Challenge 100, Wellsboro
Sept 15: Wyalusing North Branch Triathlon, Wyalusing
Sept 29: Worlds End Fall Classic, Forksville Pa
Oct 6: Sheshequin Path Half Marathon, Sayre
Oct 7: Green Monster Trail Challenge, 15k, 25k, 50k. Wellsboro
Oct 13: 2nd Annual GTP 5k For the United Way, Hornbrook Park
Oct 27: Demon Dash 5k, Canton
Oct 28: NEB 5K Glow Run, Northeast Bradford HS
Nov 22: 12th Annual Sayre Turkey Trot 5k, Sayre

Dec 1, Run, Run Rudolph 5k,  Towanda 11:00AM

Mar 25: Shamrock 5k, Towanda
Mar 26: Cloverleaf 4k, Barton NY (Waverly)
Apr 1: April Fools Day 5k/8M, Nichols NY
Apr 8: 1st Annual Bendt Hill Challenge 6k, New Albany
Apr 14: Hoof It For Kids Glo-Run 5k, Nichols NY
Apr 15: Jean & Pete Memorial, 5k, Athens
Apr 22: NRCS Eagle Run 5k/10k, Towanda
April 29: Race For Healing 5k, Athens
Apr 30: Sayre Color-A-Thon, Sayre
May 6: Artfest 5k, Athens
May 13: 33rd Annual Guthrie Gallop
May 21: Chief Wetona Challenge 7M/Half, Mt Pisgah
May 27: Pound The Ground For Ultrasound,  5K/10 Sayre
May 27 - Aug 5: Carter Lackey Memorial Miles, Virtual Race
May 29: Miracle Memorial Miles 5k, Litchfield
June 4: The Trojans Must Dash 5k, Mt Pisgah
June 10: Brycen's Dash 5k, Troy
June 10: Dirty In Your Shirty Challenge, 5k/10k, Van Etten NY
June 17: Run For Honduras 5k, Canton
June 24: Run With A View 5k, Mt Pisgah
July: LeRoy Old Home Day 5k, LeRoy
Aug 6: Mason's Hope Hero Run 5k, Towanda
Aug 12: Herrickville Water Run 5k, Herrickville
Aug 19: Riverfest 5k, Towanda
Sept 3: LeRaysville 5k Trot, LeRaysville
Sept 9: 51st Annual Camptown Races 10k, Camptown
Sept 9: Pine Creek Challenge 100k/100M, Wellsboro
Sept 16: North Branch Triathlon, Wyalusing
Sept 16: Health & Wellness Expo 5k, Canton
Oct 7: Sheshequin Path Half Marathon, Sayre
Oct 7: Ann Marie Krauss 5k, Waverly NY
Oct 8: Green Monster Trail Challenge 15k/25k/50k, Wellsboro
Oct 22: Miles For Michelle, Mt Pisgah
Oct 28: Demon Dash 5k, Canton
Nov 5: GTP Fall Fun Run 5k, Round Top Park, Athens
Nov 18: K9 Moro Memorial 5k, Towanda (cancelled)
Nov 23: Sayre Turkey Trot 5k, Sayre
Nov 23: Its Not A Race Prediction Run, Canton

Dec 2: Run, Run Rudolf 5k, Towanda

Feb 14: Endless Mts Primitive Biathlon, Camp Brule
Mar 19: Shamrock 5k, Towanda
Mar 19: Cloverleaf 4k, Waverly NY (trail)
March 26: Pink Panther 5k, NEB (xc/trail)
Apr 2: North Rome Christian School 5k
Apr 8: Hoof It For Kids Glow 5k, Tioga Downs
Apr 9: Jean & Pete Memorial 5k, Athens
Apr 23: 3rd Annual Race for Healing 5k, Athens
Apr 23: Health & Wellness Expo & 5k, Canton
Apr 30: My School Color Run 5k, NEB
May 7: Guthrie Gallop 10k/5k, Sayre
May 15: Chief Wetona Challenge, Mt Pisgah (trail)
May 21: 4th Annual Racing Heart 5k, Towanda
May 28: Pound the Ground for Ultra Sound, Riverside Park.(trail)
May 28-Aug 6: Carter Lackey Memorial Miles
May 30: Memorial Miracle Miles 5K Run/1K Walk​ (xc/trail)
June 5: The Trojans Must-Dash , Mt. Pisgah (trail)
June 11: Hiking For Helping Hands 5k/8M, Nichols 
July 4: LeRoy Old Home Day 5k, LeRoy
Jul 16: Race With A View 5k, Mt Pisgah (Trail)
July 23Monroe Hose Inferno5k/15k
Aug 7: Mason's Hope Hero Run, 5k, Towanda
Aug 13: Herrickville Water Run, 5k
Aug 13: Troop 3.3 Mile Run, Canton
Aug 19: Big Pond, Blue Moon Prediction Run
August 20: Towanda Riverfest 5k
Aug 20: Kiel's Cause 5k, Sunfish Pond

Oct 8: Ann Marie Kraus 5K, Waverly 

March 14: Cloverleaf 4k, Waverly
March 21: Shamrock 5k, Towanda
March 22: Pink Panther 5k, NEB
March 28: NRCS 5k, Towanda
Apr 3: Hoof it for Kids Glow Run 5k, Tioga Downs
Apr 11: Jean and Pete Memorial, 5k, Athens
Apr 25: 2nd Annual Race for Healing 5k, Athens
Apr 26: Troy Maple 5k, Troy
May 9: Guthrie Gallop 5k/10k, Sayre
May 16: Mutt Strut, 5k, Sayre
May 17: Chief Wetonah Challenge, Mt Pisgah
May 23: Pound the Ground for Ultrasound, 5k/10k, Sayre
May 25: Memorial Miracle Miles 5k, Litchfield
May 30: Miles For Military 5k/10k NEB
May 30: 3rd Annual Racing Heart 5k, Towanda
May 31: Score 4 Your Color 5k, Troy
June 7: Must-Dash Run, Mt Pisgah
June 13: Hiking For Helping Hands 5k / 8 mile, Nichols NY
June 20: My School Color Run, 5k NEB
July 4: LeRoy Old Home Day 5k, LeRoy
July 11: Herrickville Water Run, 5k
July 11, Race for Chase 5k, Athens
July 18 Sunfish Pond 5K, Sunfish Pond
July 26: Monroe Hose Inferno 5k/15k, Monroeton 
July 31: Big Pond, Blue Moon 6k, Big Pond Pa
Aug 1: The Phoenix 5k, Mt Pisgah 
Aug 8: Bradford Co. Autism Awareness 5k, Towanda
Aug 22: Towanda Riverfest 5k, Towanda
Aug 23: Mason's Hope Super Hero 5k, Towanda
Sept 6: LeRaysville 5k Trot, 5k, LeRaysville
Sept 12: 49th Annual Camptown Races 10k
Sept 12: Pine Cradle Lake 5k
Sept 19: North Branch Triathlon, Wyalusing
Sept 20: Troy Heritage 5k, Troy
Sept 26: Western 5k, Troy
Sept 26: Walk from Obesity, Athens
Oct 17: 11th Annual Ann Marie Kraus Memorial 5k, Waverly
Oct 25: Miles for Michelle, 5M, Mt Pisgah
Oct 31: Demon Dash 5k, Canton
Nov 26: 9th Annual Sayre Turkey Trot 5k, Sayre

Dec 20: Run, Run Rudolph 5k, NEB

Mar 15: Cloverleaf 4k, Barton NY
Mar 15: Shamrock 5k, Towanda
Mar 22: Pink Panther 5k, North East Bradford
Mar 29: North Rome Christian School 5k, Towanda
Apr 12: Jean & Pete Memorial Event 5k, Athens
Apr 18: Hoof It For Kids Glow Run, 5k, Tioga Downs
Aprl 19: Leading Lotus 1 Miler, Sayre
May 10: 30th Annual Guthrie Gallop, 5k/10k, Sayre
May 18: Chief Wetonah Challenge, 7M, Mt. Pisgah
May 18: Score 4 Life Color Run, Troy Pa
May 24: Pound the Ground for Ultrasound 5k/10k, Sayre
May 26: Memorial Miracle Miles 5K, Litchfield Pa
May 31: 2nd Annual Racing Heart 5k, Towanda
May 31: 5th Annual Race For Chase 5k, Athens
June 1: The Trojan's Must Dash, 2.2M, Mt. Pisgah
June 14: Hiking For Helping Hands, 5k/8M, Nichols NY
June 14: Go Day 5k, Hornbrook Park
June 26: Wyalusing Open Track Meet #1
June 28: Race For Healing 5k, Athens
July 4: LeRoy Old Home Day 5k, LeRoy
July 12: Monroe Hose Inferno 5K/15K, Monroeton
July 19: 2nd Annual Campaign 5k, Towanda
July 24: Wyalusing Open Track Meet #2
July 30: Wyalusing Open Track Meet #3
Aug 2: Herrickville Water Run 5k, Herrickville Pa
Aug 2: Griffen 5k, Laporte Pa
Aug 9: Score Your Trail 5k & 7 Miler, Sylvania
Aug 16: SAFE Program 5k, North Orwell
Aug 23: Towanda Riverfest 5k, Towanda
Aug 24: Mason's Hope Hero Run 5k, Towanda
Aug 31: LeRaysville Trot 5k, LeRaysville
Sept 6: Pine Creek Challenge, 100k/100m, Wellsboro
Sept 13: Camptown Races, 10k, Camptown Pa
Sept 14: Dan Manwaring Memorial Run, Athens
Sept 20: North Branch Triathlon, Wyalusing
Sept 27: Score 4 Life Neon Night Run
Oct 4: 10th Annual Ann Marie Kraus 5k, Waverly
Oct 12: Green Monster Trail Challenge, 25k/50k, Wellsboro
Oct 25: DRIFT Zombie Run 5k, Sayre
Oct 25: Hezekiah's Hands River Run, 5k, Towanda
Nov 27: 8th Annual Sayre Turkey Trot, 5k, Sayre
Dec 20: Jingle Run 5k, Canton
Dec 21: Run Run Rudolf  5k, NEB

Feb 23: Gallop for Giving, 5k, Towanda
Mar 16: ARCC Shamrock 5K, Towanda
Mar 23: Pink Panther 5k, North East Bradford HS
Apr 5: Earth Day 5k, Towanda
Apr 13: Jean & Pete Onofre Memorial, 5k, Athens
Apr 20: Waverly Barton Fireman's, 5k, Waverly
Apr 27: Blue Ribbon Race, 5k, Towanda
Apr 28: Waverly Track / XC Club 5k, Waverly
May 11: Guthrie Gallop, 5k/10k, Sayre
May 19:Autism Hearts 5k, Athens HSd
June 1: First Annual Racing Heart, 5k, Towanda
June 22: Race to Restore, 5k, Canton
July 4: LeRoy Old Home Day 5k, LeRoy
July 6: Family 5k and Fun Run, Mansfield
July 11: Wyalusing Summer Track Meet #1
July 13: 4th Annual Race for Chase, 5k, Athens
July 25: Wyalusing Summer Track Meet #2
Aug 3: Griffin 5k, Laporte
Aug 10: Dushore Founder's Day, 5k/10k, Dushore
Aug 17: Riverfest 5k, Towanda 
Aug 31: Dairy Dash, 5k, Mansfield
Sept 1: LeRaysville 5k Trot, 5K, LeRaysville
Sept 7: Herrickville Water Run, 5k, Herrickville
Sept 7: Bradford County YMCA Strong Kids 5K, Towanda
Sept 7: Pine Creek Challenge, 100M/100k, Wellsboro
Sept 14: The 47th Camptown Races, 10k, Camptown
Oct 12: Ann Marie Kraus, 5k, Waverly
Oct 12: Run or Ride for the Bride, 5.5M/11M, Athens
Oct 13: The Green Monster, 25k/50k, Wellsboro
Oct 13: Ives Run Trail Challenge, 4M, Tioga Pa
Oct 19: Hezekiah's Hands 5k, Towanda
Nov 9: Tinsel Trot, 4k, Waverly
Nov 28: 7th Annual Sayre Turkey Trot, 5k, Sayre (1298 runners)
Nov 30: Snowzilla Trail Run, 8k, Owego
Dec 22: Run, Run, Rudolph, 5k, North East Braford

March 17: Shamrock 5k, Towanda 10 a.m.
March 24: Pink Panther 5k, Northeast Bradford HS 10 a.m.
April 7: Run for Autism, Canton, 10 a.m.
April 14:Jean & Pete Onofre Memorial 5k, Athens 9 a.m.
April 21: Waverly Fireman's 5k, Waverly NY 11 a.m.
May 5: Athens Artfest 5k, Athens HS 9 a.m.
May 12: Guthrie Gallop 5k/10k, Sayre 9 a.m.
May 19: A Cause For Cade 5k, Towanda 10 a.m.
May 20: ProCare Run for Athens 5K, Athens 9 a.m.
May 27: Glen Challenge 5M, Waverly NY 9 a.m.
June 23: Jim King Memorial 5K, Athens 9 a.m.
July 4: Leroy Old Home Day 5k, Leroy 9:30 a.m.
July 28: Race for Chase 5k, Round Top Park, Athens, 9:00 a.m.
Aug 25: Riverfest 5k, Towanda 9:00 a.m.
Sept 2: LeRaysville Fireman’s Trot 5K, LeRaysville, 5:30 p.m.
Sept 8: Hezekiah’s Hands River Run 5K, Towanda, 9:30 a.m.
Sept 15: BCCASTF Blue Ribbon 5k, Towanda, 9:00 a.m.
Sept 15: Camptown Races 10k, Camptown, 10:00 a.m.
Oct 14: Waverly XC & Track Club 5k, Waverly, 10:00 a.m.
Nov 17: Ann Marie Krauss 5k, Waverly, 9:00 a.m.
Nov 22 : Sayre Turkey Trot 5k, Sayre
Dec 14: Tinsel Trot, 1.8m, Waverly, 6:00 p.m 

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